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Reliability & Technology
Toshiba Nanoanalysis has inherited the expertise and knowledge accumulated over 50 years and more. We offer the analysis solution well versed in the process with State-of-art & Unique technology.

Nanostructure Analysis
TEM-based length measurement, direct observation, element mapping and qualitative and quantitative analysis, cross-sectional structural analysis
Surface Element Analysis
Surface and interface analysis, bandgap measurement, ultra-shallow element distribution analysis, depth profile analysis (ion etching, backgrinding, low-angle cutting)

Physical Property Evaluation of Thin Films
Adhesion evaluation, crystal structure evaluation, film thickness/roughness/density/grain diameter evaluation, desorption gas analysis
Failure Analysis
Failure analysis of semiconductor devices, flat-panel displays (FPDs) and electronic components

Product Analysis
Examination of workmanship of semiconductor devices, flat-panel displays (FPDs) and electronic components
Trace-level Composition Analysis
Semiconductor wafer analysis, standard wafers for total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF), fabrication of waters with a controlled metal contamination level, trace contamination analysis, trace-level composition analysis

Inorganic Component Analysis
Composition and impurity analysis of semiconductors, metals and ceramics, metal analysis of organic materials
Organic Component Analysis
Organic contamination analysis, evaluation of organic materials, thermophysical property measurement

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