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Nano Scale Analysis for 3D Semiconductor Device

3D transistor (FinFET) was analyzed by combining TEM and APT. Detailed structure information is acquired by high resolution TEM, and concentration profile of dopant inside the device is acquired by APT.

High resolution TEM analysis

Cross-sectional TEM observation was carried out for orthogonal two directions (L,W) in FinFET of CPU. In the direction of L, the form of the high-k film was able to be observed clearly by producing a sample correctly so that the fin of about 10nm width was contained.

Schematic illustration of FinFET structure W direction TEM image L direction TEM image

 Schema of FinFET          W direction TEM image          L direction TEM image

Atom Probe tomography analysis

APT reveals the distribution and concentration of dopants in the fin structure. The concentration of dopant at the bottom of the fin in PMOS was under the detection limit. Boron was detected underneath the fin in NMOS.

APT image of PMOS

           APT image of fin in PMOS


APT image of NMOS

           APT image of fin in NMOS


APT: Atom Probe Tomography

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[Last updated: April 18, 2019]

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